World Championship 2020 Heroes 4 online

  • Dear players, registration for the World Championship 2020 of Heroes of Might and Magic 4 opens!


    • Dmitry “mr.Oxygen” Shirokov

    • Denis “mr. Shnurov” Paul


    CTPAHHuK (e-mail: r.s.kudarov[dog]

    Game version — Heroes IV Equilibris 3.51. Or 3.55 if both players agree. Any other game modifications are prohibited.

    You can be registered via e-mail to Coordinator or post in this theme. Type your info:


    Country/Time zone (UTC):



    Time for game:

    August 01: opening of registration for the tournament (on forums and vie e-mail to coordinator) and publication the "Regulations and rules" on platforms of information sponsors (performer: coordinator).

    August 22: upload the tournament maps archive to the tournament website and send invitation mails to the invited players (performer: the coordinator with main editor).

    September 04 (18h00 Moscow time UTC+3): closing of registration for a tournament.

    September 04 (19h00 Moscow time UTC+3): draw, the publication of results of draw on platforms of information sponsors and mailing of the corresponding mails to participants of the tournament (performer: the coordinator of a tournament with judges and founders of a tournament).

    September 04 (19h00 Moscow time UTC+3): start of a tournament.

    September 05: open late registration by serial numbers of vacant places (with the consent of the players), till we have vacant places and opponent agree to play.

    Each tour of playoff must be playing during 14 days (2 weekends).

    Tournament maps list (recommended game difficult and turn limit):

    Bizarro* (Expert, 15 min);

    Circle of life ( Expert, 10 min);

    Eldorado (Expert, 8 min);

    Heart of Winter (Expert, 8 min);

    Iron Man (Expert, 8 min);

    Plains of Despair (Expert, 8 min);

    Power Spot (Expert, 15 min);

    Spleen (Expert, 8 min).

    *archive contains 3 versions of Bizarro (classical Bizarro (recommended), Bizarro 2020 Champion,

    Bizarro 2018 Expert)


    The theme isn't intended for the decision of disputable situations

    The theme is created for the decision of current questions and the reference to the Coordinator and Judges with offers or appeals, in case of long absence of their answers to personal messages and e-mail.

    WC Team

    Oxygen, Shnurov, CTPAHHuK, Falcaut, Mordaunt,, Alexander13

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