New world team country tournament for Heroes 3. Shadow of Death. Prize 50 000 rubles

  • Привет. We are trying to create a tournament with a prize fund of 50,000 рублей Heroes on the World портал. Team tournament between different countries. It takes 3-6 or more players from each team. 2-3 players from each team will play against each other 1x1. Allowed replacement of players during the game. All games will also broadcast or display the демонстрация экрана через Skype или TeamViewer, for example.

    Is it really possible to create a team Germany or another team (Europe united team) for such a tournament? Or they will not be interested?

    And you can have a connection with players from other countries?

    You can contact me like this:
    Vk page:
    Program ICQ: 620163142
    HW портала:
    Skype: armageddetss