Patches / Release Notes / Aktuelle Spielversion ist 2.2.1 [Rev. 40632]

  • Hier ist - immer aktuell - der bisherige Patchverlauf :

    29.09.15 : Patch 1.1 - Versionsnummer 31895
    14.10.15 : Patch 1.2 - Versionsnummer 32489
    20.10.15 : Patch 1.2.1 - Versionsnummer 32623
    27.10.15 : Patch 1.3 - Versionsnummer 32698
    30.10.15 : Patch 1.3.1 - Versionsnummer 32834
    05.11.15 : Patch 1.4 - Versionsnummer 33071 (Farbsättigung verbessert)
    06.11.15 : Patch 1.4.1 - Versionsnummer 33114
    19.11.15 : Patch 1.5 - Versionsnummer 33749 (2 neue Karten, 5 zusätzliche neutrale Kreaturen, 12 zusätzliche Helden)
    08.12.15 : Patch 1.6 - Versionsnummer 34396 (1 neue Karte)
    18.02.16 : Patch 1.7 - Versionsnummer 36046 (1.Teil Bonuskampagne - TLTOA : Unity)
    14.04.16 : Patch 1.8 - Versionsnummer 37786 (2.Teil Bonuskampagne - TLTOA : Every Dog Has Its Day)
    04.08.16 : Patch 2.0 - Versionsnummer 40156 ( InGame RMG, neue neutrale Kreaturen...)
    18.08.16 : Patch 2.1 - Versionsnummer 40271

    22.09.16 : Patch 2.2 - Versionsnummer 40619 (Balancing)
    04.10.16 : Patch 2.2.1 - Versionsnummer 40632 (Hotfix)

  • Patch 1.2 ist da !!

    Steam hat gerade 2 GB runtergeladen und nach dem starten lautet meine Heroes Version jetzt :

    V1.2 - 32489

    Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.2
    Date: October 14th, 2015

    Campaign & Walkthrough

    • General

      • [Fixed] The AI heroes may remain stuck in front of their town blocking the human player from attacking the town or the heroes. This could happen on various maps/locations and should be fixed.
      • [Fixed] Solving two quests at once will not block the quest flow anymore. This lead to various potential blockers, especially on Necropolis 2.
    • Academy 2

      • [Fixed] An issue that the player can't complete the map, after choosing the "fight again" option at the Jadwa encounter.
      • [Fixed] An issue with enemy AI hiding in the sanctuary.
    • Academy 3

      • [Fixed] A potential blocker related to secondary heroes (aka not Hisham) being used for the final fight.
      • [Fixed] If a secondary hero picks up the "Flower of Dolor" the map can be bugged.
      • [Fixed] The Tear of Asha is not placed at the exact spot indicated by the Treasure Map
    • Academy 4

      • [Fixed] If a secondary hero picks up the "Flower of Dolor" the map can be bugged.
    • Dungeon 4

      • [Fixed] Light effect changes abruptly if the player navigates through the surface area using arrow keys
    • Haven 2

      • [Fixed] Loading a saved game made after Tomas is trapped by Gloria on Haven Map 2 will trigger an infinite auto End Turn.
    • Haven 3

      • [Fixed] Konrad could win the fight with Serguei Griffin which was not intended.
      • [Fixed] There should now be a quest marker for the last step in Soul Quest quest.
      • [Fixed] There should now be quest markers for the State of Siege quest.
      • [Improvements] Camera should now be focused on projectiles from triggered catapults.
      • [Improvements] The narration should now play until the end when you find Biliashi.
      • [Improvements] The mines now become Neutral when you block those using catapults.
    • Necropolis 2

      • [Fixed] Final cinematic will not trigger if the user defeats the rebel AI before finishing the other objective.
    • Necropolis 5

      • [Fixed] Samaariih castle cannot be accessed
    • Sylvan 1

      • [Fixed] An issue leading to the player being unable to enter a new ship after loading a save game.
    • Sylvan 3

      • [Fixed] An issue related to the player being unable to board the ship manufactured in the shipyard on the spawning island.
      • [Fixed] Player is unable to board the ship manufactured in the shipyard on the spawning island
    • Final 1

      • [Fixed] A crash when restarting fight against Vayaron on Final Map 1 (general crash fix for some misbehaving buffs).
      • [Fixed] The boat offered by Lasir resets after a Save/Load is performed
    • Final 2

      • [Fixed] Catapults had a problem where they would only shoot once instead of twice as was intended. Now all 4 catapults can shoot twice.
      • [Improvement] The player is now informed of the available reinforcements that Andras receives after finishing the "Raven Wings" quest.

    • Skirmish/Scenario Maps

      • [Fixed] issue related to the victory conditions on Yeshtar´s Promise
      • [Fixed] FPS drop and constant freezes during combat after several gameplay hours on Bloodpact
      • [Fixed] Some maps are showing Day 1 twice on the second day
      • [Fixed] The player is unable to finish the map as the Sweristal and Nawal castles cannot be captured on certain circumstances on Dungeons and Minions
      • [Fixed] Major FPS drop (13 FPS) after at least 4-5 hours of gameplay on a hero with level 19 and massive army on Bloodpact
      • [Fixed] Ice Demons map has the standard Skirmish Quest active

    AI specific

    • [Improvement] AI turns have again had their speed increased exponentially. Under the fog of war the AI will act even faster.
    • [Improvement] AI will now give a higher threat value to ranged units, as well as having a 'tighter' threat evaluation within combat maps when addressing what to attack. Working on this is an ongoing task and will be further improved in the future.
    • [Improvement] Calculations for what damaging moves to use have also been improved. As an example if an enemy unit stack is low in numbers or has low health the AI will no longer use its most powerful spell to kill it, but instead work out what is the most cost efficient spell to do get the job done.
    • [Improvement] Optimised AI thinking times on Adventure map, which are now near-instant. NOTE: AI interactions with forts still take up to three extra seconds due to the fort destruction/repair animations.
    • [Fixed] An issue/crash related to uninitialized armies performing checks for the pathfinding.
    • [Fixed] An issue related to AI calculations for reachability which could result in a crash.
    • [Fixed] A rare crash when interacting with a high-level town.
    • [Fixed] A crash during AI turn after a ship combat had been lost.
    • [Fixed] A rare crash with targeting spells outside the grid.
    • [Fixed] A crash with AI town threat sorting.
    • [Fixed] Weird movement (bridges/obstacles) and positioning of AI controlled combatants.
    • [Fixed] AI skipping its turn when its first hero is in a shelter.
    • [Fixed] Title crashes when the AI defeats one of the human players while allied with another human player

    Load/Save, Skills, Abilities, Various

    • [Improvement] Added option to disable color coding of models in skirmishes.
    • [Fixed] various issues regarding keybinding displays.
    • [Improvement] Removed debug text from the Game Log.
    • [Fixed] Caravans that could not be unloaded now properly show up in the Caravanserai.
    • [Fixed] Quest objective counters are always localized correctly, even when loading a savegame from a different language.
    • [Improvement] The Tear of Asha can now be retrieved from the precise cell as well as its neighbours.
    • [Fixed] Masfar recovers 10 movement points after every manual combat if he has the Stables Buff on Academy 2.
    • [Fixed] After using a teleport scroll, the teleport spell will still appear in the spellbook with 0 Mana and can be cast again every battle.
    • [Improved] Sounds for creature animations are sometimes interrupted by another action. Issue relates to multiple bugs relating to death and move sounds that are not played until the end, as they get interrupted by other actions in queue.
    • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Messages will appear on the screen if the Hero will interact with his caravan on the adventure map
    • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Unreachable Neutral Army is present on the map Savage Sea.
    • [Fixed] [Adventure Map] Unreachable cartographer is present in the map Savage Sea
    • [Fixed] [Load/Save] Ships sometimes lose their ownership flag after loading the savegame.
    • [Fixed] [Load/Save] Autosave handling changed to the end of a turn.
    • [Fixed] [Save/Load] The user must rebuild the Thieves Guild building of the Haven faction every time he loads a game.
    • [Fixed] [Save/Load][Menu] The user is unable to load a multiplayer save game and create a new lobby while in a Duel session
    • [Fixed] [Voice/Dialog] Voice overs for the campaign story line are missing when the council table is selected
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Ultimate abilities are not saved as learned.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Magic increasing skills like Gathering Storm or the Wisdom skill for the schools of magic are triggered incorrectly.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Elrath's Conviction buff will not increase stats after fight again/restart combat.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Silverback's Feral Charge ability can be targeted on an empty grid square.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Indomitable skill does not work against Face of Fear and Mesmerize.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The initiative bar does not update if the warfare unit has "Artillery" skill learned.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Shantiri Titan's 'Rooting' ability has no effect.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/abilities] Ranged units will always use Defend when a creature is near them.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities]Tanis can cast Tsunami multiple times in the same combat rounds
    • [Fixed] [Combat] [Skill] Clarity skill doesn't provide an extra action after casting a prime magic spell.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] [Skill] Bursting Rage ability triggers when the creature dies.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Celestial's resurrection ability will not revive dead creatures
    • [Fixed] 'Cleave' ability makes 'Strike and return' ability buggy.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] The harpies return too fast to their initial position when using Strike and Return.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Attacking with the Harpy/Fury unit will make the selected tile to remain active after Strike and Return ability activates.
    • [Fixed] [Combat]The death animation for the Gargoyles and Obsidian Gargoyles takes place after the attacking creature's turn ends.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Gold Dragon's Aura of Purity will not protect the creature against negative magic effects.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Feral Charge suppresses Opportunity Retaliation.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] No kill notification when attacking a warfare unit.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] The Emerald Dragon's Acid Breath (buff) ability does not work as intended.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] The movement is not updated if the last creature of a round is also the first creature of the next round.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Mephitic Scent: when killing a creature with this ability the creature gets an extra turn under certain conditions.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Moving with "Shrouded" Creatures (Shroud of Malassa) has targeting issues.
    • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Gust of Wind cannot target friendly creatures.
    • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] The "Champion Guard Tower" will appear on other factions.
    • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Dragon Vein effect gets consumed even if the visiting hero has full mana.
    • [Fixed] Metamagic rank increase is not working in certain situations.
    • [Fixed] [Combat] Lightning reflexes on the creature Fury does not work correctly.
    • [Fixed] [Global][Skills] Player's skillpoint gets utilised on unlocked skills after performing certain steps.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] Gameplay speed will be reset when transferring control to another Hero during campaign
    • [Fixed] The Centaur Marauder attack animation doesn't fit with the shot projectile.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] Combat Speed settings will not be applied in game under certain circumstances.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] "Occupied Slots Count" will not update correctly in certain conditions
    • [Fixed] [Audio]SFX is not present while selecting Artwork in Heropedia.
    • [Fixed] The lighthouse lose its controller at end of week.
    • [Fixed] During Week of Magicians, artefacts cannot be bought if the player has only just enough gold to match the discounted price.
    • [Fixed] Metamagic ability: Arcane Channelling works only for one combat.
    • [Fixed] AdventureMap] Trading with heroes on ships is difficult due to small interaction area.
    • [Fixed] [AdventureMap]Heroes in boats can interact only by clicking in a certain spot.
    • [Fixed] [AdventureMap] Heroes cannot attack enemy ships from land
    • [Fixed] [Townscreen] Certain Structures / Buildings cannot be constructed if Ranged creature dwellings are upgraded first before melee ones
    • [Fixed] [GFX] Flying units twirl while moving
    • [Fixed] [GFX] Smoke produced when destroying walls is flickering
    • [Fixed] [LD/LA] Orange smoke is present after viewing the map at a certain angle
    • [Fixed] [Text] Build version number displayed on screen during the credits roll

    Multiplayer Specific

    • [Fixed] various Out of Sync issues so they will not occur as often anymore. However there are still some scenarios were an Out of Sync may occur and providing us game logs for this issue is a massive help. As a side note if you do Out of Sync in a multiplayer match the save data will not be corrupt therefore you can re make the game and carry on where you left off for a quick work around.
    • [Fixed] a bug related to joining a game lobby.
    • [Fixed] several out of sync issues in Multiplayer Games.

      • when interacting with a Dangerous Cave in sim turns.
      • when attacking an Enemy in Combat that has 3 Nature's Revenge stacks with a ranged unit.
      • when attacking a small creature Stack with a Basilisk Lancer in combat.
      • when a unit with a cover bonus is getting attacked by ranged in combat.
    • [Fixed] corrupted Camera at the beginning of a Multiplayer Duel Session.
    • [Fixed] an issue where the game got stuck in multiplayer in the AIs turn sometimes.
    • [Fixed] an issue where the game goes out of sync during th AIs turn sometimes.
    • [Fixed] [Normal Turn] Host gets a week popup notification screen at the start of the match in any map which he cannot cancel if the match is played in Normal turn setting
    • [Fixed] Team chat option does not exist
    • [Fixed] [Online/LAN] The damage dealt logs during the masked combat are visible on the spectator screen when the game is switched to Window mode
    • Duel mode:

      • [Fixed] Option to change combat speed is not available in duel lobby
      • [Fixed] The user can see through the map before the tactics phase

    GUI / HUD

    • [Fixed] Issues with the tooltips in the quickbar fixed
    • [Improvement] several GUI situations which lead to potential memory issues
    • [Fixed] Fixed right-click not working in main menu
    • [Fixed] Minimap: Icons are now properly scaled
    • [Fixed] Minimap: Resolved several issues with ships
    • [Fixed] Minimap: Heroes are now always the highest icons
    • [Fixed] The Governor Tooltip now has proper layout
    • [Fixed] Text Buttons no longer have pixels where they don't react
    • [Fixed] Fixed various lobby settings and displays

    Additional GUI/HUD fixes

    • [Fixed] [HUD] Title crashes after spamming two keybindings "A" with "H".
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The catapult repair panel overlaps the dialogue between Andras and Kente on Final Map 2.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Multiple issues present when trying to recruit creatures from Kuwananjaa, on Stronghold 3.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Misspelled word in the description of Soulkey Shard fragment.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] No units are visible in the "unload caravans" screen.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] There is a debug text %stat1 %stat1.icon present on the Scroll of Frenzy description.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The user is able to open the skillwheel for a Hero that was defeated by clicking the level up notification.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The 'Merge Armies' window is not affected by the timer.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The Creature portrait contour is smaller for the standard units, in the town recruitment menu.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The auto combat prompt disappears each time the enemy makes a move.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The players that are on closed slots appear in the Thieves Guild screen.
    • [Fixed] [HUD][Lobby] The Adventure Map Timer is functional on skirmish against AI.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] Kick button is present in the Duel Hotseat lobby.
    • [Fixed] [HUD][Lobby] Spectator Mode option is available for the client in the Multiplayer Lobby.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Heropedia page access button is missing for warfare units in Duel Setup lobby.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Several Spell Scrolls provided by the Academy custom lg Inscriber will have an inconsistency in regards to prices.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Town governor tooltip text is too small.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Sylvan and Academy faction logos appear to have low resolution when viewed from the hero screen.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Sending a spy on a "Sabotage" action does not trigger any notification. (it´s a sneaky spy…).
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The user can multiply artefacts during a trade between heroes in certain conditions.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The teleporter icons on the minimap are too big and have a stretched appearance.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Debug text "mName" is present for Anastasya in the game log of Necropolis 1.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Blank hero portrait appears when attacking the Sylvan town on Sylvan 4.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Host setting options are not greyed out for the client who joins a duel session.
    • [Fixed] [MENU] Trailer is playing twice when the user double clicks on 'Trailer' option from Extras.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] "Level up" is not properly visible on the combat victory/defeat pop up.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] No tooltip information is displayed when the player hovers the mouse over to the hero in the ship (enemy or allied).
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect mouse pointer observed in the options menu during combat.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The player is unable to open several menus after visiting a Den of Thieves.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] On Timber Wars map, the minimap misses some icons in the first turn + wrong order
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The description of the 'Soul Reaver' ability contains a spelling mistake.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect spelling in the tooltip of the word, 'Border' present in the Options menu.
    • [Fixed] GUI - Minimap: All elements can be toggled off, but garrisons.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Treasure Hunt map is visible when invoked IGM under certain conditions.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Inconsistency present between the griffin portrait and the dwelling's icon
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The player loses creatures when trying to split a stack from his army and inventory with the receive unit panel open.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The player cannot interact with the Adventure Map / Combat map in the upper left corner of the screen because of the Game Log layer (chat-improvements).
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Every time End Turn is used, chat window is reset for all users in a multiplayer session.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] There is an inconsistency between the creatures portraits and the images on the buildings in the Town Hall
    • [Fixed] [Menu] A numeric value appears when assigning a shortcut to a navigation key
    • [Fixed] [Menu] The "Continue" button persists on the mission select menu after using the Reset Campaign option.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] The Text "No game matching the selected criteria" can be seen overlapping with the load icon on Lan and Online Game Browser.
    • [Fixed] [Heropedia][HUD] Neutral Faction are available for Heroes in Heropedia.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect Adventure Timer is present between 0.01 to 0.09 and 1.01 to 1.09
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Notification with debug text is observed on accessing settings icon on the combat loading screen (spectator hud) on all the clients PC.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Wrong Hotkeys depiction for navigation buttons on town screen.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Loading icon overlaps with text "No image" when the list of maps is loading, while creating a new multiplayer session.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] "Esc" key loses functionality in the Heropedia menu if said menu is accessed from Multiplayer lobby.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] The user cannot quit from the Hero Selection Screen when accessed from Multiplayer lobby by pressing the ESC key.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Skill wheel is accessible from the town screen.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Toggling off all mini map options will still display some icons on the mini map.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] In the townhall, on hovering a dwelling the info button should appear like in the recruit menu.
    • [Fixed] [GUI] Pop-Ups for Repairing Bridges, Flavor Texts, Story Texts should be consistent with the latest design.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] The user receives no conflict window popup when assigning actions to the navigational keys.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] The World map mission highlights do not change when selecting a different hero portrait.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] Game menu buttons cannot be pressed if the player presses the button in a certain area.
    • [Fixed] [Menu] The Hero select screen will not provide complete information for the user.
    • [Fixed] [GUI] Artefact slots are placed differently on hero screen and artefact merchant GUIs
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Every time End Turn is used, chat window is reset for all users in a multiplayer session.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Notifications are not dismissed when using right click.
    • [Fixed] [HUD] Treasure Hunt map is visible under certain conditions when opening in game menu.


    • [Improvement] Added more sanity checks to inform about errors during map creation
    • [Improvement] The Mysterious Crypt Building now has the option to spawn a fixed artefact, instead of a randomly chosen one
    • [Fixed] several Custom Artefact Bonuses:

      • Increase certain hero stat

        • Scouting Range
        • Mana per Day
        • Spirit
        • Magic
      • Increase Magic for spells of certain school
      • Decrease Mana costs of spells of certain school
      • Increase friendly creatures' stat

        • Health
        • Initiative
      • Decrease enemy creatures' stat

        • Initiative
    • [Improvement] Added "Test Map" button for faster map testing
    • [Improvement] Renamed "Towns, Forts and Dwellings" tab to "Player Buildings" and moved Mines, Garrison and Light House from "Neutral Buildings" to "Player Buildings"
    • [Improvement] Improved pathing for the RMG
    • [Improvement] Added free resource pick-ups (Richness modified) in the RMG
    • [Improvement] Script Editor: Moved Start Text/Dialogue from NCP Scenes to Quests and Events tabs, as features requiring GUI do not work during scripted scenes, where GUI is hidden
    • [Improvement] Painting: Separated Tool selection and Brush settings of Terrain and Elevation tab
    • [Fixed] [Editor] “Play In Editor” feature is unavailable in the Default Editor
    • [Fixed] [Editor] A debug-text is shown on the Defeat/Victory screen after finishing a map
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Changing the name of a Hero in Hero Tool will delete the character
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Debug output present in most Hero Specialisations and Skills tooltips
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Debug Text present for the "Change Town AI Settings" Action
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Deleted Blackfang Watchtowers can still be selected in Blackfang Hideout's properties
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Editor does not reset the function performed by pressing 'T' key after reboot
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Garrisons using the same neutral army template can be walked through
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Player is able to delete landscape in the default editor.
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Scrolling with mouse scroll wheel is not functional in Terrain Painting
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Several invalid win/lose conditions can be created
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The editor will freeze when saving or loading a map in certain conditions
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The Garrison Army of a Fort or Garrison cannot be properly selected
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The Help and Modding Documentation components are outdated
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The Publish Map feature is not working
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The Random Map Generator creates functionally impassable zones on complex maps
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The Terrain Painting and the Height Sculpting tools interact incorrectly with each other
    • [Fixed] [Editor] The user does not receive any feedback when attempting to save an incomplete map
    • [Fixed] [Editor] Title crashes when trying to play an empty new created map
    • [Fixed] [Editor] When modifying spirit value in the editor, Heroes may start without full mana points


    • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][CZE][RUS] A subtitle is displayed truncated in the 5th Council cinematic.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][CZE][RUS] Two subtitles are not displayed in the 5th Council cinematic.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][RO][HUD] Misspelled word in the Quest Log for Romanian localization
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL] The description of the Scroll of Weakness is not translated in any localization
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Single Player][Yeshtar's Promise Story text gets skipped upon completing the main objective of the scenario.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][SCN] Unexpected space in texts! (*imagine epic drum roll here*)
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Any Campaign The label for starting a fresh campaign after a reset is still displaying the term "Continue" where it should display "Start".
    • [Fixed] [LOC][LOC][ALL][Great Lich's SetArtifacts belonging to the "Great Lich's Set" have an extra dot present after "Four objects"
    • [Fixed] [LOC][SPA][Single Scenario] One of the options has its last letter truncated.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Town's] Overlap when you get the tooltip of a long town's name.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL] When you right click on a city's governor, you will see a text issue.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][POL][Cinematic A subtitle is displayed truncated in the Council cinematic upon finishing the Academy campaign.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][FRE][Academy_Map3][Tootip] The mechanics used for concatenating creature’s amount and names is not working for both singular and plural forms.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][POL][Single Player][Yeshtar's Promise] Missing icon and value variables can be observed for Shifting Boots.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][LOC][ALL][Flotsam][Resources] "Flotsam" shows a wrong description (concretely the one for "campfire").
    • [Fixed] [LOC][FRE][Keybindings][Chat] Several keys from the French keyboard type/bind the wrong character due to AZERTY configuration.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][RUS][POL][CZE][Heropedia] The Maneuver ability is displayed twice for the Centaur Marauder.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][RUS][CZE][BRA][Level Up][Victory Menu] Two lines overlap each other when simultaneously leveling up and gaining treasure.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][EFIGS][POL][RUS][CZE][Spellbook][Text overlap] The spell description is overlapped by the Spellbook icon.
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Magic Menagerie][Recruitment][Text Overlap] Mousing over boxes or creatures in the Magic Menagerie, sometimes the tooltips get overlapped with the resource bar
    • [Fixed] [LOC][ALL][Single Player][Ice Demons][Text Display Issue][Line ID 15061] Story text box is being skipped upon conquering Ledgorod.
  • Patch 1.2.1 ist da !

  • Patch 1.3 ist da !!

    Patchnotes :

  • Patch 1.3.1 ist da !!

    Patchnotes :

  • Patch 1.4 ist da !!

    Patch 1.4 now available

    11/05/2015 | 40 comments

    Hello Heroes,

    Today we are pleased to announce you the immediate availability of the patch 1.4 for Might & Magic Heroes VII. Downloading this new update should be automatic on both Uplay and Steam.

    This patch provides this time again a great number of fixes for the game but we also were able to go further with additional game and performance improvements.

    We highly recommend you to check our previous post from the team for more information and before/after benchmarks! Here!

    Patch 1.4 top lines:

    • Improved memory management and loading times
    • Adventure map saturation rework
    • Tutorial videos now available and Haven campaign now introduced as beginner campaign the first time you launch the game
    • Option to enable/disable the height fog
    • Multiplayer fixes
    • Editor fixes
    • Various game bug fixing and improvements

    Stay tuned for more information regarding future patches!


    The M&M Team.


    Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.4
    Date: November 05th, 2015
    Version: 1.4 (rev 33071)

    Patchnotes :

    Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.4
    Date: November 05th, 2015
    Release note: see below


    • [Fixed] AI Speed/Adventure Speed/Combat Speed from the Options menu will change to their default values when the user Loads or starts any save/load action
    • [Fixed] Improved the destruction physics in Siege combats
    • [Improved] The saturation of the world has undergone a major overhaul based on user feedback.

      • * The colors are stronger and more saturated.
        * The contrast has been improved.
        * Brighness has been adjusted.
    • [Improved] There are new options regarding camera rotation:

      • * Mouse right click rotation can be disabled
      • * Mouse rotating sensibility can be adjusted
      • * Keyboard rotating sensibility can be adjusted
      • * Also the smoothness of the rotating has been improved

    • [Improved] Added a new option in the Settings to enable/disable Atmospheric Fog
    • [Fixed] The defeated heroes will still appear on the minimap after a save/load operation
    • [Fixed] Game crashes on the loading screen if a save created contains a hero with governor abilities unlocked and is assigned as governor of town
    • [Improved] Adjusted decision logic when considering attacking another player (taking into account relative player strength [relative to target] and absolute current strength [relative to all other players]
    • [Improved] Adjusted AI reachability calculations to have more up to date info when saving and loading
    • [Improved] Adjusted AI hero turn prioritisation to consider reinforcing heroes to move first


    • [Fixed] The issue of the game getting stuck if the last AI player loses in his own turn.
    • [Fixed] More occurences of out of synch caused by AI in Multiplayer.
    • [Fixed] An issue of the game gets stuck when the client quits the lobby while launching Duel multiplayer session.
    • [Fixed] An issue when a multiplayer session is terminated on entering the session if any client joins the session which is already in the session-loading phase.
    • [Fixed] An issue when a session goes out of Sync when the hero interacts with blind monastery again after learning an ability.
    • [Fixed] An issue that thieves guild opens on all the player's screen, when one player enter's "Den of thieves" building.
    • [Fixed] An issue of "Unable to connect to the server" message received if the user double clicks Join game on Online Game Browser.
    • [Fixed] An issue of no error message received if the Host closes an open slot after the Client had joined the same.
    • [Fixed] An issue of the number of resources displayed on “resources bar” will be the same for all players in the session in certain conditions.
    • [Fixed] An issue of the game gets stuck for 30-50 seconds after keeping idle for 20 seconds on combat screen with the Neutral Army (SimTurns).
    • [Fixed] An inconsistency of the Session settings for the Client on the Game Browser screen.
    • [Fixed] Game going at the start of the game when rapidly ending the first turn.
    • [Fixed] The game gets stuck for 30-50 seconds after keeping idle for 20 seconds on combat screen with the Neutral Army
    • [Fixed] The number of resources displayed on “resources bar” will be the same for all players in the session in certain conditions
    • [Fixed] No error message received if the Host closes an open slot after the Client had joined the same
    • [Fixed] The session went out of sync after resources pick up and end turn
    • [Fixed] Multiplayer session is terminated on entering the session if any client joins the session which is already in the session-loading phase
    • [Fixed] Hero has no creatures in his Army on selecting a Random Hero and match cannot be started
    • [Fixed] Game gets stuck when the client quits the lobby while launching Duel multiplayer session
    • [Fixed] Session goes out of Sync when the hero interacts with blind monastery again after learning an ability

    Gameplay Mechanics

    • [Fixed] Entering a magic guild level 3 and upwards crashes the game
    • [Fixed] The player cannot flank properly on destroyed Siege walls
    • [Fixed] Game gets stuck while attacking with the special ability of Imperial Griffins "Diving Attack" on enemy creatures
    • [Fixed] Area of control effects are not properly updated after save load.
    • [Fixed] The "Soul Reaver" ability is not functional
    • [Fixed] The Golden Dragon highlights tiles in a linear pattern as if he will use an ability when hovering the curson on a creature stack
    • [Fixed] Namtaru can attack a second time if you wait after the first shot
    • [Fixed] Die and idle animations don't seem to be affected by game speed change
    • [Fixed] Resource income prediction of the resource bar is increased after save/load
    • [Fixed] Areas of control of closed players are still colored in the underground on map start
    • [Fixed] Warfare Healing Sister and Healing Tent plays healing animation instead of end turn animation
    • [Fixed] Treant Synergy effect is activated on dead creatures
    • [Fixed] Rare crash when having too many particles attached to armies on long playsessions on the adventure map
    • [Fixed] Erratic Hero Decal behaviour (disappearing and re-appearing seemingly randomly)
    • [Fixed] Crash with Suzerain ability when a governor with said ability was assigned to a town
    • [Fixed] Gamespeed overriding from savegames
    • [Fixed] Floating adventure objects behaving erratically (disappearing into the ground)
    • [Fixed] A crash with battle sites after loading a game and getting defeated there
    • [Fixed] A crash with having a lot of creature growth enhancers built in towns
    • [Fixed] Minimap update on map start to properly reflect Areas of Control
    • [Fixed] Random duel armies to give proper random army
    • [Improved] Creature movement stop animation to scale properly with gamespeed
    • [Improved] Waiting time after moving a creature in combat map to scale with gamespeed
    • [Improved] Hero animation speed scaling with gamespeed in adventure map
    • [Improved] Idle and die animation speeds to scale better with gamespeed
    • [Improved]Optimised GUI calls on adventure maps when updating the hero list

    Level Design:

    • Academy 1

      • [Fixed] Creatures have no collision with gate's towers after warfare unit hit's them on combat map
    • Academy 3

      • [Fixed]The Water level rises back up if a Saved Game is Loaded after The Flood
    • Academy 4

      • [Fixed] Fahada does not retain her level and progress from Map 1
      • [Fixed] External dwelling ignores area of control
    • Haven 2

      • [Fixed] AI does not end it's turn after talking with Masfar the first time when using a savegame
    • Dungeon 1

      • [Fixed] No collision on the edge of the bridge in the underground layer
      • [Fixed] The "Shadowsteel Refinery" can never be built.
    • Dungeon 2

      • [Fixed] No collision on the edge of the cliff near Dungeon Fort in the underground layer
    • Stronghold 1

      • [Fixed] Wrong portrait is used for Kanoni
      • [Fixed] Random, non-interactable Stronghold hero standing around
      • [Fixed] Performing a save/load operation after demolishing the wizard statue will play the dam destruction sound effects, on am_stronghold_map1
      • [Fixed] Performing two save/load operations will misplace a quest marker and make another one persist after completing the Centaurs quest
    • Sylvan 1

      • [Fixed] One-eyed rock fort is not visible if the video settings - visual density is kept on low or medium
    • Final Map 2

      • [Fixed] Hero clips with the 'Mass Grave' structure
      • [Fixed] Artifact can be seen to be levitating in the air near the castle 'Barr Abhainn'
      • [Fixed] Nolwenn's level and skills are not transferred over from the previous map
    • Necropolis 5

      • [Fixed] Mouse-over tooltip pop-up for "Well of Souls" spills out of the screen on certain points
    • The Story of Solmyr and the Efreet

      • [Fixed] Multiple artifacts appear to be levitating in the air throughout the map


    • [Improved] Custom Campaigns

      • * New fix for hero transfer from one map to the next, which was broken when the hero's properties were changed before, as the old fix had some sideeffects.
      • The downside of the new fix is that existing campaign heroes have to be manually patched: Open the affected heroes on all maps. In the properties uncheck "Save Progress". Click OK, open the properties and check "Save Progress" again. Save the maps and republish the Campaign.
    • [Fixed] "Close All Popups" spawns the screen in the middle of the map
    • [Fixed] Underground layer cannot be deleted from Map Properties
    • [Fixed] Game crashes after completing a Combat Map launched using Play Map
    • [Fixed] Editor crashes on adjusting the Map Grid Controller Properties
    • [Fixed] "Hide or reveal object"-node will not clear the icon out of the Minimap.
  • Patch 1.4.1 ist da !!

    Patch 1.4.1 now available 11/06/2015 | 3 kommentare Hello Heroes,

    We are releasing today an additional hotfix related to AI difficulty settings with patch 1.4.1.
    This update is already available on both Uplay and Steam.


    Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.4.1
    Date: November 06th, 2015
    Version: 1.4.1 (rev 33114)

    [Fixed] An issue with AI not saving difficulty settings on Skirmish and Scenario Maps.


  • Patch 1.5 ist da !!

    Patchnotes :

    Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.5
    Date: November 19th, 2015
    Release note: see below


    • [Improved] Visitable Neutral buildings now indicate on the minimap if they are already visited by the current hero.
    • [Improved] There are new buttons to merge armies in towns.
    • [Improved] Revamped the Animation system to have smoother combat animations.
    • [Improved] Centaur and Centaur Marauder have melee penalty.
    • [Improved] Dungeon build tree layout (Connector between Black Market and Shadowsteel Refinery).
    • [Improved] Clicking End Turn will stop an ongoing command when a command is running, instead of stopping the command and immediately ending the turn and the turn can be ended once the command has finished cleanly
    • [Fixed] Long loading times experienced due to recompiling of shaders when using different 'Shader Quality' Settings.
    • [Fixed] Wrong power values for Minotaur and Blade Dancer.
    • [Fixed] Wrong damage range for Tamed Cyclops on Warfare master rank.
    • [Fixed] Fog Shroud not suppressing the Nova of the Fire Elemental and the Lilim.
    • [Fixed] Loading savegame would crash due Serialization stopping by trying to spawn static Emitter or Actor.
    • [Fixed] Altar of Sacrifice coud produce stacks with a stack size of 0
    • [Fixed] Unresolved placeholder variable in Poison Cloud tool tip.
    • [Fixed] The NPC symbol not appearing/disappearing on top of some heroes
    • [Fixed] A crash with Stone Spikes sometimes crashing the game when restarting combat
    • [Fixed] A problem with armies sometimes restoring their position to an invalid cell when saving and loading
    • [Fixed] Speed settings resetting when completing a campaign map
    • [Fixed] If the user loses only the units that were added with Reinforcements skill, they will be subtracted from the base creatures instead
    • [Added] Each faction now has an additional two heroes;

      • Ann
      • Kengi
      • Alesia
      • Christian
      • Lucretia
      • Naadir
      • Ajit
      • Nur
      • Ivor
      • Gem
      • Salvin
      • Sephinroth

    • [Added] The following neutral creatures are now in the game to fight.

      • Light Elemental
      • Dark Elemental
      • Mermaid
      • Kappa
      • Shadow Panther


    • [Fixed] Replacing human players with AI from a multiplayer savegame
    • [Fixed] Game goes Out of Sync if the client try to learn a skill during the AI turn in sim turns
    • [Fixed] Necromancy pop up remains on screen and the user goes inside of a combat of the other user under certain conditions
    • [Fixed] Getting corrupted combat screen when one player have Necromancy popup open and another engages him in sim turns.
    • [Fixed] Game getting Out of Sync after some time when conquerring a garrison of another player
    • [Fixed] On a session with Sim-turns settings ,the user is able to retreat by using the ESC key even when the retreat option is greyed out
    • [Improved] Reduced AI lag for clients in combat.
    • [Improved] System to avoid Out of Sync in Combat.
    • [Fixed] The combat is canceled when the server attacks the client and the client selects retreat option.
    • [Fixed] Title will crash for the client on loading screen in certain conditions.
    • [Fixed] Warfare units with active skills not affected by combat timer in simturns.
    • [Fixed] Mobile shooters not affected by combat timer.
    • [Fixed] Player sometimes getting stuck after combat.
    • [Fixed] The bug of the cancel button not working.
    • [Fixed] Black bars not disapperaing after spectating.
    • [Fixed] Warfare units with active skills not affected by combat timer in simturns.
    • [Fixed] The bug of heaven dragon that was causing Out of Sync in combat.
    • [Fixed] The bug where AI was crashing for the host in sometimes
    • [Fixed] Necromancy causing Out of Sync in SimTurns in manual combats
    • [Fixed] Out of Sync caused by increasing skill after loading a Savegame.
    • [Fixed] Out of Sync related to bad morale.
    • [Fixed] Defeating an enemy Hero causes Artifacts to be stolen twice
    • [Fixed] The splitting of creature stacks in tactics mode in multiplayer.
    • [Fixed] Possibility to do a Hero Attack when your unit has bad morale.
    • [Fixed] Queuing multiple same commands accidentally in SimTurns.
    • [Fixed] Join order important when joining a loaded SimTurns game.
    • [Fixed] The hero is stuck and cannot continue the game after performing certain steps
    • [Fixed] Client redirect to the main menu and for host is displayed as client joins the session under certain scenario
    • [Fixed] GUI correctly updates for spectators.
    • [Fixed] Idol of fertility could be applied multiple times in sim turns
    • [Fixed] Having the "Artefact pack" from Uplay reward activated will bring a multiplayer session on out of sync in certain conditions
    • [Fixed] Missing Multiplayer Loca keys for some popups users could receive in sim turns.


    • [Improved] Adjusted general path calculation algorithm to properly take into account terrain costs when not calculating for specific hero (improves Caravan time estimation).
    • [Improved] Reworked Cover system for Sieges:

      • Cover will be given to creatures inside the walls, and will affect attacking them from outside the walls. When a wall is destroyed, there is check for Line of Sight to see if there is a clear shot. If the target is still behind intact walls in relation to the shooter, the cover bonus will be applied.

    • [Fixed] Issue with luck-based effects triggering too early, leading to inconsistent behaviour in some combats (e.g. crits of Gold Dragon and Cuirassier). Also the game will not go out of sync in MP when Gold Dragon rolls a critical hit anymore.
    • [Fixed] Failed Instant Recall cast does not count as a spellcast on the current day
    • [Fixed] Metamagic Expert skill overrides Paragon's Master of Magic once Metamagic bonus reaches 5 during a battle

    Level Design

    • General:

      • [Added] New skirmish map "Mercators Misfortune"
      • [Added] New scenario map "Mirym"
      • [Added] New combat maps (CM_Snow_01, CM_Snow_02, CM_Snow_03, CM_Ice_01, CM_Greenland_Coast, CM_Greenland_Hills_2, CM_Sylvan_Coast, CM_Underground_Mushrooms)
      • [Added] New siege map for underground garrisons (SG_Garrison_Dungeon)
      • [Improved] Adventure objects are revealed immediately rather than after a hero takes a step.
      • [Fixed] Start/Win/Lose combat trigger to trigger at a more appropriate time (could break the Final Map 2 quest vs Wilhelm)
      • [Fixed] Rotate Army node now properly rotates armies.
      • [Fixed] Can no longer select a faction in Scenario lobby

    • Haven 2:

      • [Fixed] Spamming ESC after talking to Masfar will result Masfar and Gloria not going back to their intended positions.

    • Haven 4:

      • [Fixed] Ship spawned by north east shipyard to be reachable.

    • Yeshtar's Promise:

      • [Fixed] A floating staircase.

    • Ice Demon:

      • [Fixed] An issue where two critters shared one tile

    • Ivan map 2:

      • [Fixed] An issue with players not being able to procede after defeating Wilhelm. Same thing applied to Seamus.
      • [Fixed] Some AOC and mine property from beginning of the map.

    • Dungeon 1:

      • [Fixed] Quest Organized Crime to work when target mines were plundered more than just once.


    • [Improved] AI aggressiveness according to selected AI difficulty
    • [Improved] AI scoring in terms of fighting effort to make fighting more appealing in some cases
    • [Improved] AI boldness in regards to engaging neutral armies
    • [Improved] AI will try to use Instant Recall when reinforcing its armies
    • [Improved] AI scoring logic for direct damage spells


    • [Fixed] issues with the camera
    • RMG

      • Max player count is correctly set even after switching map size after setting player count.
      • Rebalanced the placed neutral armies

    • [Fixed] Blank or incomplete maps cannot be published.
    • [Fixed] Potential scripting issues if heroes are referenced whose properties were changed.
    • [Improved] Small Combat Map Size to be 10x10 instead of 8x10
    • Script Editor

      • New conditions
      • Hero has Skill
      • Hero has Spell
      • Hero has Specialization
      • Hero has Ability
      • Hero has Stat
      • Hero has Affinity
      • Hero is from Faction
      • Hero is of Class

    • [Fixed] Garrison local guards can be correctly set
    • [Fixed] Some Trees appearing with incorrect size when using the Foliage tools
    • [Fixed] Some thumbnails of Prop meshes appearing invisible
    • [Fixed] Editor crashes after selecting the Height Sculpting option from tool-tip

  • Patch 1.6 ist da !!

    Patchnotes :

  • Patch 1.7 ist da !!

    Patchnotes :

  • Patch 1.8. ist da , hier die Patchnotes :


    • [Implemented] The Lost Tales of Axeoth: Every Dog Has His Day.


    • [Fixed] If a magic guild is prebuilt in a town, the player can`t set its specialization.
    • [Fixed] Pathfinding ability and Pathfinder specialization.
    • [Fixed] In some campaigns, players can get stuck when spamming ESC during scripted scenes.
    • [Fixed] Warcry abilities would not upgrade the icon frame of the corresponding warcry in the spellbook.
    • [Fixed] Unresolved text placeholder in the tooltips of the Onslaught ability and the upgraded Engage warcry.
    • [Fixed] Display of pink border showing on Necropolis town screen with certain graphic settings.
    • [Fixed] Skull Ring effect.


    • [Implemented] Pending Caravans now show up in the recruitment window until they depart at the end of your turn.
    • [Implemented] Altars and Seals now show up on the minimap.
    • [Implemented] Caravans arrived at a Fort but not unloaded, can now be accessed and unloaded manually.
    • [Improved] The random Skilling Popup has been overhauled.


    • Added Wait action to the Combat AI
    • Added Caravan handling for the Adventure AI - the AI will now try (if available) to supply their main fighting heroes with a caravan-based supply chain
    • Adjusted AI scoring for the Adventure AI - it now tries to be more proactive about gathering pickups and generally also engaging the player in combat more
    • Adjusted AI money management for the Adventure AI - reprioritised the order in which AI purchases buildings/heroes/units
    • Adventure AI now uses Forts and external Dwellings more readily
    • Fixed smaller numerous bugs with AI scoring


    • [Fixed] A bug where the game would go out of synch when deploying more then 7 stacks in combat [Fixed] A visual bug where the resource income would be incorrectly displayed.
    • [Fixed] A bug where the hero got deselected at the start of a new turn.
    • [Fixed] A bug where the game gets stuck when the AI attacked an empty town.
    • [Fixed] A bug where the player could multiply creature stacks under certain conditions when using auto merge button in town.
    • [Fixed] A bug that caused a game crash sometimes when pressing "spectate" after losing a game.
    • [Fixed] A bug that caused the game to go Out of synch sometimes when a hero died.
    • [Fixed] A bug where the language of the AI player was incorrectly displayed.
    • [Fixed] A visual bug where the camera clipped through the healing tent.
    • [Fixed] A visual that caused the town screen to shake.
    • [Fixed] A bug where the game gets stuck when pressing auto combat shortly before the victory animation.
    • [Improved] Made Duel Multiplayer sessions more stable.
    • [Implemented] You are now no longer able to join session for which you don't have the map downloaded.

    Level Design

    • Stronghold Map 2

      • [Fixed] An issue that players could teleport to town before fighting Jengo in the Ritual Fight.
      • [Fixed] An issues with Cutscenes preventing the player from ending his turn while running.

    • Stronghold Map 3

      • [Fixed] An issue that AI does not want to go through the portal, and therefore leading to the player not being able to end the map.

    • Dungeon Map 2

      • [Fixed] An issue that led the player to be stuck when spamming ESC during a Cutscene.

    • Dungeon Map 3

      • [Fixed] An issue with the quest 'The price of Friendship' not being completed as the player is unable to reach the quest objective.

    • Scenario Timber Wars

      • [Fixed] An issue that triggered the defeat under wrong condition.


    • Object Properties

      • [Fixed] Capped Fog of War revealing radius properties to 300 to avoid crashes in the game.
      • [Fixed] Properties were only saved when the map was saved as well for Towns, Forts, Garrisons and Hero Armies.
      • [Fixed] Clicking on the Landscape does not open an empty window anymore.
      • [Fixed] Changes are not saved when closing the Property Window
      • [Fixed] Scroll feature from numeric box, to avoid that values are accidentally changed when scrolling through the Property Window.

    • Dragon Utopia/Elemental Forge Properties

      • [Fixed] Editor crashes on removing Reward Item.

    • Merchant Properties

      • [Fixed] Editor crashes after deleting a 'RewardData' from Merchant building properties

    • Magic Menagerie/Elemental Conflux Properties

      • [Fixed] "Allowed Factions for Recruitment" option.

    • Battle Site properties

      • [Implemtented] Options to define Resources and specific Artefacts as rewards.

    • Hero Properties

      • [Fixed] A crash when assigning a hero to a creature army with an unset warfare unit.
      • [Implemented] Increased level cap from 30 to 999.

    • Town Properties

      • [Fixed] No Scroll Bar present in the general tab.
      • [Fixed] The Govenor and the Garrision could not be removed once assigned.
      • [Implemented] A Tooltip when the Govenor list is empty, explaining that hero armies from the player need to be present on the map.
      • [Implemented] Sculpt Ground option.
      • [Implemented] Moved Garrison to its own tab.

    • Fort Properties

      • [Implemented] Local Guard Tab.

    • Map Properties

      • [Fixed] Custom player names not correctly displayed. If your map is affected, you need to open the Map Properties, click OK and then save the map.
      • [Fixed] The Editor crashes if the underground layer is destroyed on the auto-save pop-up.
      • [Implemented] Increased level cap from 30 to 999.

    • Chest Properties

      • [Removed] 'ResourceAmounts' option.

    • AI settings

      • [Implemented] AI tab to Town Properties.
      • [Implemented] AI ignore setting to Armies and Buildings.
      • [Implemented] AI border control setting to Armies.
      • [Implemented] AI stay in Area of Control setting to Armies.

    • Script Editor

      • [Fixed] Debug text is displayed on using the action 'Add/Remove/Set Hero EXP' in the map to subtract hero EXP.
      • [Fixed] Script Editor does not save if the map name contains spaces
      • [Fixed] Speaker and Position properties are disabled when creating new dialogue lines
      • [Fixed] Empty Hero list in 'Hero touches Cell Trigger' action.
      • [Implemented] Custom Heroes into Script Editor Hero list.
      • [Implemented] Added proper councillor names to the SpeakerType selection of dialogue lines.
      • [Implemented] Increased level cap from 30 to 999 in "Hero reached level" action.
      • [Improved] Renamed actions "Win/Lose Map" to "Win/Lose Game" and moved them from the "Quest" category to the "Game" category to make them easier to find.
      • [Improved] Renamed action "Cell Event" to "Hero touches Cell Trigger" to make its function and connection to the Cell Triggers placed on the map more obvious.

    • Unreal Editor

      • [Fixed] Editor cannot be launched after switching Renderer to DirectX 11.
      • [Fixed] Editor crashes after selecting 'Replace SkeletalMeshActors' from Unreal Editor.

    • Campaign Editor

      • [Fixed] Editor crashes after following certain steps and saving the campaign from the campaign tool.

    • Layer Tools

      • [Fixed] Selected combat map name doesn't save after the user hits create.
      • [Fixed] Area of Control, Combat Map Areas and Passability do not open in Layertool when user accesses them from Menu Bar.
      • [Fixed] Improper appearance of Academy Bridge observed when used in the map.
      • [Fixed] Improper appearance of Cartrographer and Fortune Teller when the user drags these buildings onto the map.
      • [Improved] Moved Town/Fort Connection Label to the top.


    • [Fixed] Battle Sites "Elemental Forge" and "Dragon Utopia" do not have any combat music when encountered
    • [Fixed] loss of background music after returning from a Battle Site combat
    • [Fixed] that combat map specific ambient sounds do not play if music is muted in the options
    • [Fixed] that combat map specific ambient sounds continued to play on the adventure map after battle
  • Patch 2.0 changelog
    Hello Heroes,

    Today, we would like to announce the availability of Patch 2.0.

    Here are some highlights which Patch 2.0 includes;

    • New council hub
    • Replay of intro, outros, RTCs, cinematics in Extras
    • In-game RMG
    • Skillwheel 2.0
    • Numerous localization fixes
    • AI balancing and constant work on improving the stability of MP
    • Various improvements.

    As always, downloading this new update is automatic on both Uplay and Steam. Should this for whatever reason not happen, please then make use of the Verify files feature on either platform, which should then start the download.

    Full patch notes;


    Right click functions as left click in different situations throughout the game
    Adding raised creatures to army resets the army configuration in combat
    [Combat] Applying Namtaru's Dark Touch to Plague Lamasu will make Aura of Pesilence apliable to undeads and constructs, resulting in the combat being stuck when damaging the immune units with the said Aura
    Axeoth Edric (Haven) has name changed to Zambu in hero bio
    [Lost Tales 5] Player cannot recruit the Creature 'Juggernaut' from the neutral Dwelling
    [Duel][FightAgain] When choosing "fight again" in duel mode, both dueling heroes will be replaced by Hero "Ivan"
    [DuelvsAI][Ancient Behemoth] The game crashes on Ancient Behemoth's turn if the creature is controlled by an AI
    Earthquake Earth Knowledge 3 - Enemy units do not take double damage
    Diplomacy Skill - Diplomatic immunity not working
    Bloodrage - Bursting rage does not work
    Hero is able to cast unlimited amount of times if haunting plague is cast first
    [Combat] The animation becomes offset for the enemy creatures affected by the Time Control spell
    [Sylvan][Skills/Abilities] Targeting of ability 'Entangling Roots' of Champion creature Ancient Treant is incorrect
    Shadow image create an incorrect amount of clones
    Preemptive retaliation works against face of fear and behemots skill
    Grim Reaper fatal strike takes effect even on miss
    Debuff added by djinn channeller attack will trigger magic touch twice.
    [Skills & Abilities] Ability 'Soldering Hands' does not have any functionality on applying it on the constructs
    Eternal servitude - Skill is not triggered on the last strike of the combat
    Fickle magic - Skill does not protect from debuffs
    Spell Poison Cloud - No damage dealt to units immediately or to units entering
    Heal - Dead units are not resurrected
    Regeneration spell heals more than it should
    [Global][Manual Combat] Negative buffs from Djinn Channeler's 'Magic Touch' and Simurgh's 'Arcane Wings' do not reduce enemy creatures 'Attack' and 'Defense' stats
    Legionnaire shielding is not considered in the damage prediction during combat
    [Global] Incorrect information is displayed in the tooltip of spell 'Fire Bolt' after upgrading to 'Cast as Master'
    Medusa mesmerize not working
    Defensive Stance triggers even when unit used an active skill.
    Dark hydra life drain resurrects too many units
    Imperial Griffins can dive attack out of the grid.
    Attack on morale turn after using feral charge does not trigger retaliation on the silverback
    Destroyed Portals, channels, stairs or whirlpools are working in certain conditions
    It can happen that the hero unlearns all spells and skills
    [Global][Manual Combat][Fortification] Title crashes in manual combat after opening the gate in fortified wall of town/fort
    [Manual Combat] Unable to start the combat after splitting the creatures on army deploy screen in hot seat mode
    Magic guild specializations do not guarantee spells from that school
    Possible to recruit new units even though all slots are occupied
    Centaur gets unlimited attacks when attacking in melee
    [Skills/Abilities][Ranged Retaliation] The creature Abbot does not range retaliate from the 2nd round of the combat against a warfare unit
    [Skills/Abilities][Magic Immunity] Creatures with Magic Immunity can be targeted by a Sylvan hero's Mark of the Avenger ability
    Tactics phase - warfare units can be placed even though there is no more space
    Tsunami spell moves the units outside the battlefield
    Wrong magic power tooltip in hero stats
    Simurghs now apply their debuff after ending their turn even when teleported.
    Several external dwellings (not just tan player) do not match town types on Savage Seas
    Dark touch of Necropolis Warfare unit does not work
    Bad morale is rolled out twice if a creature waits
    Resuurection spell (light magic) has unlimited regeneration effect instead of 3 turns.
    Namtaru dark touch does not kill enemy units
    Units with cleave apply fire mantle on enemy unit during second strike of retaliation
    Asha's hourglass debuff remains on your hero even if you have taken the enemy city
    Casting stage remains on the enemy's hero even after taking his town
    Casting stage - Fast units able to move even though they get time slow
    Lightning burst damages all enemies if mouse is not moved after cast
    Siege combat - Towers will shoot enemies with fog shroud
    Ancient behemoths (controlled by AI) try to jump on a wrong target and loose their turn


    [Global][Governor] The governor gets reset after performing a save/load
    [Hero Window- Save/Load] Some abilities dissapear after save load when random skilling
    Save load - hero keeps spells learned by artifacts
    [Scenario][Lone Wolf] An extra governor ability is observed after performing a save/load


    Editor - Units in the army are displayed incorrectly on the map
    Simple mode editor removes heroes from armies
    [Editor] The creatures added to Hero 1's army are displayed in Hero 2's property if Hero 2 is placed on the map after changing Hero 1's properties
    Editor - Map properties are blank on the first opening
    [Editor] The Editor crashes on opening the Publish on Steam option


    Unload All button in the caravan outpost has no functionality
    [Menu] Game crashes on turning ON/OFF dynamic shadows
    [Duel] [Retaliate] Incorrect information for "Retaliate" is displayed in tooltip in duel combat
    [Heropedia] The heropedia page for the neutral creatures Kraken and Lizardman is not present
    [Crash] Game crashes in adventure map after visiting the observatory and turning the dynamic shadows off and on in a certain way
    [Deployment Phase][Global] Opening Heropedia page during deployment phase and returning to the combat map will result in the deploy button to disappear
    [GUI] The extended tool-tip for the artifact giving hero damage per level is missing
    [Combat] Tooltips are missing for walls, gates and towers of a town during combat
    [Global][Caravan Outpost] Non functional army split option is present in caravan outpost while in visiting slot
    [GUI][Random skilling] debug texts are shown in the tool tips of master abilities
    [GUI] After using 'Try to unload all' only one caravan gets unloaded instead of all available caravans
    Cannot assign hybrid warmachines
    [HUD] The two buttons that allow the user to cycle through his towns and forts, are not greyed out when the user owns only one Town
    Wilheml had wrong stats in heropedia
    [Global] User cannot navigate using mouse and keyboard arrow keys in the adventure map after accessing garrison gate
    Dungeon is able to send 3 out of 2 spies
    [HUD] Mouse wheel for Scroll is not functional on Map selection screen in Adventure mode
    [HUD] [Combat] When toggling on HP bars they show 100%


    [Global][Skills & Abilities] Game gets stuck if enemy A.I has creature Centaur Marauder and it uses the ability 'Mobile Shooter' under certain circumstances
    Enemy AI creatures will not navigate around obstacles in combat
    [WTB][Dungeon_02] Enemy AI gets stuck with the combat after attacking garrison on the upper layer of map
    [WTB][AM_Haven_Map3] The game gets stuck on AI's turn after passing the 2nd day in Haven_map 3
    [Global][Combat] Surrender/Flee option is not used by the AI heroes or neutral creatures during a combat
    [AI behaviour][Global] AI caravans appear to stack up incorrectly in front of the town
    [AdventureMap] The AI will never attempt to discover the Tear of Asha
    [AI] AI does not use the trading post


    [Multiplayer] [Out of Sync] Game goes out of sync during manual combat with enemy town
    [Multiplayer] The lobby is not visible to Uplay friends
    [Multiplayer] [Caravan] [Stuck] Game gets stuck when player tries to initiate a combat with enemy caravan
    [Multiplayer] The game gets stuck when creatures in the core dwellings are upgraded
    [Multiplayer][Caravan Outpost] Entering caravan outpost opens the outpost window for all remaining players
    [Multiplayer][Caravan Outpost] Game gets stuck on the waiting screen on attacking an enemy’s caravan outpost
    [Multiplayer] Adventure map timer remains stuck on zero if the trading screen is open when the timer runs out
    [Multiplayer][Manual Combat] Enemy garrison is considered as 'Neutral army' during manual combat


    [AM_Final_Map1] Game gets stuck on the turn of ally hero 'Muzarel' after completing the quest 'The Meeting'
    Stronghold campaign map 2 - After fighting shani the camera zooms out too far and the game replays what happened
    [Scenario][Level Design] The artifacts Boots of the Wayfarer and the Chest of Endless Gold is missing from the maps Bloodpact and Yeshtar's Promise
    [Lost Tales 1 map4] Caravan is appeared as placeholder in the Lost tales 04 map
    [Stronghold 02] Player gets defeated and map ends if the player has spent 1 month and 1 week
    Stronghold Map 4 - Game can get stuck if your hero stays on the bridge
    [Haven][Map 2] Primary quest 'Lady Redshield' remains incomplete if the first two objectives of 'The Hammer Fall' quest are completed before it
    [Savage Sea] The external dwellings of the 5th, 6th and the 7th players do not match their respective town's factions
    [La Segadora] The external dwelling of the town at position 3 does not match the faction
    Scenario map Timber wars does not end after all the 3 heroes are defeated in battle
    [Campaign][Am_Final_Map1] Unable to recruit Griffin/Imperial Griffin from the dwelling located near the Prison Tower
    [Sylvan 03] The barricade which protects the 'Altar of Elrath' does not disappear even after burning the 'Blue Lurthil Bush'
    [Lost Tales 02] Movements points become zero on triggering the scripted event on the bridge
    [LT2_01] After repairing the spirit gate, movement points of Dogwoggle will not be reduced to 0
    Savage sea - External dwelling of player 8 not matching the faction
    [LT2][Quests] 'Quests' do not get completed in Lost Tales 2
    Lost tales 3 closing cinematic missing


    The M&M Team

  • Patch 2.2 ist da :

    Hello Heroes,

    Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of Might & Magic Heroes VII patch 2.2!

    Along with implementing new Steam achievements, this updated includes a bunch of new fixes and improvements for the game and its addon. The main focus of this patch is set on the multiplayer, the level design but also the combat.

    We also included new balancing changes with a revamp of stats for the Champion creatures. See more below.

    As always, downloading this new update is automatic on both Uplay and Steam. Should this for whatever reason not happen, please then make use of the Verify files feature on either platform, which should then start the download.

    The M&M Team


    NEW health attack defense Min damage Max damage move range initiative luck morale
    Colossus 500 25 30 69 92 4 16 5 0
    Landsknecht 390 35 20 90 110 5 15 0 20
    Bone Dragon 400 25 40 70 85 5 19 5 0
    Cyclops 450 22 32 75 90 4 14 10 0
    Green Dragon 500 25 25 75 77 5 11 10 0
    Shadow Dragon 400 25 20 70 80 5 29 0 0
    Red Dragon 400 35 20 60 70 5 20 10 0
    Titan 500 25 30 69 92 4 17 5 0
    Swordmaster 450 40 22 110 130 5 19 0 20
    Spectral Dragon 450 25 45 80 100 6 22 5 0
    Enraged Cyclops 500 24 38 85 100 4 15 10 0
    Emerald Dragon 600 30 25 75 77 5 12 15 0
    Black Dragon 450 25 22 80 95 6 30 0 0
    Ardent Dragon 450 40 20 70 85 6 23 10 0
    Arcane Eagle 400 25 25 75 80 7 36 5 0
    Seraph 500 25 35 60 70 6 21 0 10
    Grim Rider 300 45 20 85 95 7 18 10 0
    Behemoth 420 32 25 70 85 5 22 0 0
    Treant 400 22 35 50 70 3 12 0 5
    Cave Hydra 500 30 22 64 85 5 25 0 0
    Fire Giant 535 20 38 65 80 5 14 0 5
    Simurgh 440 31 30 80 100 8 39 5 0
    Celestial 600 25 40 70 75 7 23 0 20
    Grim Reaper 350 50 20 100 110 7 19 25 0
    Ancient Behemoth 450 35 25 80 100 6 23 0 0
    Ancient Treant 460 24 42 68 90 3 15 0 5
    Dark Hydra 530 35 22 70 90 5 25 0 0
    Einherjar 535 25 38 75 90 5 16 0 5
    Shantiri Titan 510 25 25 75 90 5 22 10 0
    Gold Dragon 450 25 25 63 78 8 33 11 11
    Kraken 650 30 30 70 90 5 15 10 10
    Phoenix 400 30 30 70 80 10 34 0 0

    OLD health attack defense Min damage Max damage move range initiative luck morale
    Colossus 420 20 25 69 92 4 16 5 0
    Landsknecht 390 25 23 60 69 5 15 0 20
    Bone Dragon 430 20 22 60 85 5 19 5 0
    Cyclops 410 20 18 70 79 4 14 10 0
    Green Dragon 500 18 26 75 77 4 11 0 0
    Shadow Dragon 400 20 20 42 53 5 28 0 0
    Red Dragon 395 23 17 53 61 5 20 5 0
    Titan 420 20 25 69 92 4 17 5 0
    Swordmaster 450 28 26 69 81 5 19 0 20
    Spectral Dragon 490 22 25 70 95 5 22 5 0
    Enraged Cyclops 460 28 18 70 85 4 15 10 0
    Emerald Dragon 500 18 26 75 77 5 12 0 0
    Black Dragon 420 22 22 46 61 6 29 0 0
    Ardent Dragon 410 29 18 57 65 6 23 5 0
    Arcane Eagle 400 19 19 44 66 7 36 5 0
    Seraph 450 20 24 55 55 6 21 0 10
    Grim Rider 410 24 20 53 77 6 26 0 0
    Behemoth 420 25 18 60 77 5 22 0 0
    Treant 430 18 25 35 44 3 12 0 5
    Cave Hydra 400 21 21 58 73 5 25 0 0
    Fire Giant 460 19 22 65 78 5 14 0 5
    Simurgh 440 22 22 55 77 8 39 5 0
    Celestial 480 20 28 68 68 7 23 0 20
    Grim Reaper 460 29 23 72 99 6 29 0 0
    Ancient Behemoth 470 27 20 60 77 6 23 0 0
    Ancient Treant 460 20 31 45 59 3 15 0 5
    Dark Hydra 450 21 21 58 79 5 25 0 0
    Einherjar 475 21 26 65 78 5 16 0 5
    Shantiri Titan 510 25 25 46 63 5 22 10 0
    Gold Dragon 444 22 22 33 55 7 33 11 11
    Kraken 345 24 18 45 56 4 15 0 0
    Phoenix 230 30 27 52 54 10 34 0 0

    [Fixed] Quick load would get stuck in rare cases.
    [Fixed] Council Hub towns have light shaft particle when selected.
    [Fixed] RMG issue that caused some armies in the underground to be directly inaccessible, which caused bugged AI behavior.
    [Fixed] Heroes portraits shuffled on loading a save game.
    [Fixed] Wrong cursor icon on Abandoned Mine/Prison with random army.
    [Fixed] Weekly based resource AM buildings would lose ability in rare cases after loading a save game.
    [Fixed] Invalid logic with AI exploration, causing some adventure map sites to never be uncovered by the AI.
    [Fixed] Town development for Fortress towns for AI (now goes beyond level 2).
    [Fixed] Combat map lighting on transition from adventure into combat.
    [Fixed] Not destroying allied players caravan outpost on visit.
    [Fixed] Some maps in the Duels section not having a Thumbnail, or localization.
    [Fixed] Renewal to only give mana on the hero's own combats.
    [Fixed] Creatures not inheriting the morale/luck bonus that was defined in their base stats.
    [Changed] Neutral stacks in starting zone of RMG to be always different from the starting faction of the owner of the zone.
    [Improved] Rewards for Dragon Utopia, Shantiri Ruins and Dangerous Cave.
    [Improved] Money income from Town Hall in the intermediate tiers. Now Town Hall and City Hall provide 500 more gold each.
    [Improved] Performance when Hero is moving on big adventure maps.
    [Improved] Increased Morale cap to 75 instead of 50 globally.
    [Improved] AI will be more focused on its objectives (when conquering sites and picking up stuff that's guarded).
    [Improved] AI will be more inclined to use buff sites.
    [Improved] General overhaul of all the champion creatures’ stats for Skirmish and Duels.
    [Improved] Reduced price of Resources in the Marketplace in general.
    [Improved] Reduced cost of Elite and Champion Dwellings so they are affordable.
    [Improved] Reduced diplomacy costs by half globally.

    [Fixed] Shantiri Titan Regeneration ability.
    [Fixed] Building Caravan Outpost during combat with hotkey.
    [Fixed] Treant Entangling Roots ability not disabling movement.
    [Fixed] Summoned obstacles (i.e. Fire Sentry and Freezing Orb) not being attacked when issuing a move + attack command
    [Fixed] Warfare units with Artillery Barrage dying getting the game stuck
    [Fixed] Chain Lightning to properly divide damage amongst targets
    [Fixed] "Ingineer" specialty, replacement warfare units don't get stuck in combat anymore
    [Fixed] Capture of own-able adventure sites (only need to interact once now)
    [Fixed] Artifact transfer on losing combat in some cases
    [Fixed] Leading by Example not applying in some cases
    [Fixed] Surrender to correctly preserve the troops you paid for.
    [Fixed] Ancient Behemoth Retaliation Prediction.
    [Fixed] Aura of Purity vs. Magic Touch.
    [Fixed] Valkyrie Fire Shield.
    [Fixed] Nature's Revenge for Blade Master's Whirling Death ability (marks are getting applied to all targets, not just one).
    [Fixed] Deadly Strike (stopped critical hits from happening before).
    [Fixed] Centaur Marauder's Maneuver.
    [Fixed] Fire Elemental's Nova.
    [Fixed] Assassin's Poisoned Blades.
    [Fixed] Firebird's Rebirth.
    [Fixed] Summoned shooting obstacles (Fire Sentry, Freezing Orb,) targeting for Leaf Daggers and other active abilities.
    [Fixed] Preview of percentage-based spells, such as Implosion.
    [Fixed] A big rock obstacle with wrong collision. Now it will properly cover what it should.
    [Fixed] Surrender/Flee button being functional in Duel.
    [Fixed] XP preview when the defender wins a combat.
    [Improved] AI that is in an obvious loss situation will try to inflict
    more attrition damage by killing as much of the player's creatures as it
    can instead of playing for a "win".
    [Improved] Adjusted AI behavior with Mobile Shooter to be more cautious instead of suicidal.
    [Improved] performance for AI calculations and active unit change.
    [Improved]AI will try to avoid hostile per-tile spells in combat more.
    [Improved] Made Good/Bad Morale triggering more visible.
    Changed the Nova ability of Disciple to be cast-able only once per combat.

    Level Design
    [Fixed] A problem in Map 2 that caused a Secondary quest to spawn an enemy that prevented the peaceful solution of it.
    [Fixed] A problem in map 2, where the quest to give 10% of your army only worked under certain circumstances.
    [Fixed] A problem in Myrim's Scenario map where some artifacts were providing 2 items instead of 1.
    [Fixed] A problem in Myrim's Scenario map where a dwelling in the initial area wasn't part of the AOC of the town.
    [Fixed] An issue in Myrim's Scenario map where narration text boxes
    could appear during the AI turn. [Fixed] An issue in Myrim's Scenario
    map where the enemy players didn't show the correct name.
    [Fixed] An issue in Dungeon map 4 where several combat dialogues weren't triggering.
    [Fixed] An issue in Ivan map 2 (Vanilla) where a dialogue wasn't triggering.
    [Fixed] An issue in Thunder in the Tundra, where one landscape component was causing issues when opening the map.
    [Fixed] The fact that the player could hire Bart Brimstone from the Hall of Heroes in the Tear of the Old One map.
    [Fixed] Several issues in Alternate History related to factions of
    Dwellings not being the same as the Player's initial faction. Also fixed
    the fact that Player 1 had 3 Elite Dwellings instead of 1 Core and 2
    [Fixed] an issue in Sylvan map 4 where one dialogue was
    attributed to Wysloth when it was Danan speaking.
    [Fixed] An issue in Map 6 of Fortress campaign where Uplay rewards weren't working.
    [Fixed] Two neutral creature stacks in the teleporter path of fracture
    Time to have the correct XP values. [Fixed] A blocker in Lost tales 1 -
    Map 5 that prevented heroes from interacting with one of the main quest
    [Fixed] Two fire camps in Final Map 1 (Vanilla) that were providing 0 resources.
    [Fixed] A visual problem in Dungeon 2 where some towers from the wall
    weren't properly illuminated. [Fixed] A problem in Fortress Map 3, where
    a defeated hero could still capture a lost town.
    [Fixed] An issue in the first fortress maps with the lights of the manipulators of the catapults.

    Changed Hathor's specialization to be Pugnacious instead of Engineer.

    [Fixed] Last human player remaining in a multiplayer game with AI player automatically won every combat.
    [Fixed] Player getting stuck in the game after the game was finished.
    [Fixed] Players were able to do actions in town screen during the AI turn under certain circumstances.
    [Fixed] Local Guards not giving EXP and not triggering Necromancy.
    [Fixed] Learned spells by Arcane Intuition disappearing after combat.
    [Fixed] The possibility of the game getting stuck when timer runs out and player doing a quick combat at the end of the turn.
    [Fixed] Not being able to attack AI heroes because they are wrongly considered of being In Combat already.
    [Fixed] Being able to view AI hero inventory if having all heroes dismissed after AI turn.
    [Fixed] Skirmish objectives still being triggered for spectating players.
    [Fixed] Popup, "wait for answer" not disappearing when attacking another player during retreating.
    [Fixed] Several issues in first turn after loading a save game for Sim-turns.
    [Fixed] Game getting stuck when winning vs AI hero during AI turn.
    [Fixed] Loading a save game with less players then when saving now
    turns the missing players towns into neutral and removes his leftover
    [Fixed] Game getting stuck when all players but host leave the game and host ends the turn
    [Fixed] Loading a save game clients would have UI errors (not showing resources or showing wrong hero portraits)
    [Improved] Multiple minor fixes that makes the Multiplayer more stable and robust to not go out of synch.

    [Fixed] Black Market giving gold to all players in multiplayer when selling items.
    [Fixed] Tracing in town screens to return the building under cursor more accurately.
    [Fixed] Forts and other neutral sites sometimes spawning 2 garrison armies.
    [Fixed] Dragon Fang Necklace now correctly counting as a set artifact.
    [Improved] Adventure map performance when moving around with a hero on larger maps.

    [Fixed] A case where Creatures would disappear/re-appear from the Deployment Bar.
    [Fixed] Inaccurate saving of deployment.
    [Fixed] An issue that was cause a click on a different position than the mouse, when game was unfocused.
    [Fixed] Combat-log not restoring correctly after save/load screen was opened.
    [Fixed] Incorrect message while spamming Quick-Save.
    [Fixed] Initiative Bar no longer appears wrongly when closing Heropedia
    [Fixed] Preview of XP gained through combats to take XP bonus into account properly
    [Fixed] Fortress village hall building not showing up
    [Fixed] Items giving gold income to show the added income properly in the resource bar
    [Fixed] Completing an Addon-Campaign no longer displays a progress towards the Main-Campaign.
    [Fixed] Option, "Show HP bars" is correctly saved when changing it in the main menu.

    [Fixed] Weekly based resource AM buildings would lose ability in rare cases after loading a save game.
    [Fixed] Spells learned from helmet items would be learned permanently after loading a save game.
    [Fixed] Heroes would lose spells/abilities/skills after performing save/load operation in very rare cases.
    [Fixed] Neutral flag would appear above captured Forts after loading a save game.

    [Fixed] Missing surface and underground zones when using Mixed Terrain.
    [Fixed] The lighting of underground zones being too dark.
    [Improved] Changed Neutral stacks in starting zone of RMG to be always
    different from the starting faction of the owner of the zone.
    [Improved] Changed value of Rough Terrain Movement Cost from 1.66 to 1.0 for all RMG zones. Applied only for In-Game RMG.
    [Improved] Added 5 Addon buildings to the RMG: Runic Forge, Rune stone, Pirate Cove, Abandoned Mine and Dwarven treasury.

    [Fixed] That Editor becomes unresponsive when deleting the underground surface of any randomly generated huge scenario map.

    Added 8 Steam achievements for the campaign maps of the addon.